In 1992, BEST Agri-Marketing, Inc. was formed as a commodities company, providing local Central California dairy farms with fair market prices and access to high-quality feed ration ingredients. As agriculture evolved due to technology, economic changes, and industry demand, so did BEST Agri-Marketing.

Over the decades, BEST has added to our expertise by not only including ingredients you will find in the total mixed ration, but also tailored herd health products to supplement the animals overall well-being based on their individual needs.

As we continue to develop as an industry leader, we have added services to our portfolio as well. Our belief is that even top-notch products require proper handling and application to reach their maximum potential, and of course, maximum profitability as our standard. By working closely with our suppliers to stay abreast of their on-going product research combined with our practical experience of the products on a vast amount of California dairy farms each with unique needs, we have fine-tuned our expertise in meticulously applying our products.

Even as a leading industry in one of the World’s most productive agricultural regions, San Joaquin Valley dairy farms are often operated as family business’ with generations of family farmers continuing to succeed those that came before them. In the same fashion, BEST Agri-Marketing is owned and operated as a family business, and most importantly with family values.


Family ~ A link to our past & A bridge to our future

soaresfam (2)

(Top Left) Antonio Soares, Portuguese-American Dairy Farmer {born in Terceira, Azores}
(Top Right) James Ellis Oliver, J.E. Oliver Trucking
(Bottom Left) Grandson: (James Anthony) Todd Soares President, BEST Agri-Marketing, Inc.
(Bottom Right) Great-Grandchildren: Jaclynn Soares Fernandes & Trent Soares, BEST Agri-Marketing, Inc.