It’s no secret the consumer wants to purchase milk and dairy products from their local store at a price that fits their family food budget. Dairymen have fixed costs and place great value on profitability. Our goal is to make both happy. But as our business strategies and practices rapidly change to meet those supplier, customer, and end user expectations, we strive to preserve our vision. BEST Agri-Marketing, Inc. puts great emphasis on adding value to our industry and community through:

  • Carefully Selecting Our Strategic Alliances
  • Reducing Our Carbon Footprint
  • Serving Our Community

Strategic Alliances

BEST Agri-Marketing is receptive to and continually explores opportunities to align with new suppliers. It is important to our customers that we study the marketplace, recognize innovation and breakthroughs, and bring opportunities that enhance animal health and improve productivity to their dairy farm operations.

Carbon Footprint

We are proud to have made significant steps that have considerably reduced the carbon footprint of BEST Agri-Marketing:  

  • New headquarters in Traver, California brought employees closer to their homes, requiring less travel time to and from work.
  • From the new warehouse, our transportation fleet is able to spend less time traveling California highways and burn less fuel.
  • We continually evaluate means of improving our fleet and more environmentally friendly fuels with which to power it. We recently introduced our newest environmentally friendly fleet member, HINO, a diesel-electric hybrid!


  • Much of our by-product feeds are a renewable resource that recycles what could end up as “plant waste” into a low-cost, nutritious feed product. This helps reduce the landfills, and increase the dairy producer’s profit.
  • In 2009, BEST Agri-Marketing opened a California Redemption Recycling Center. Our rural redemption center offers CRV incentives for aluminum, glass and plastic recyclables. We encourage our community to take advantage of this opportunity to keep with our commitment of environmental stewardship.

Serving Our Community


BEST Agri-Marketing is committed to making Central California a better place both through our professional operation and the philanthropic involvement which we consider our responsibility to the community.

Helping the region’s citizens, organizations and communities achieve their goals is important to us.  We are proud to have provided many forms of support to education, youth sports, community events, cultural organizations and a variety of activities.

BEST Agri-Marketing regularly supports:

  • FFA
  • 4-H
  • Valley Children’s Hospital
  • Traver Elementary School
  • Kings River Elementary School
  • Sundale School
  • San Joaquin Memorial High School
  • Central Valley Christian School
  • Fresno Pacific University Baseball
  • Reedley JC Baseball
  • College of the Sequoias Baseball
  • The Fresno Grizzlies Community Fund
  • Fresno/Madera & Kings Counties Dairy Princess Contests
  • California Women for Agriculture
  • Family Services of Tulare County
  • Cultural events specific to our industry and our region

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