Silage pile management is an important part of maximizing profitability. Abnormal mold and mycoxtoxin levels can cause sick animals, increasing verterinary costs and mortality rates, effecting the bottom line. Shrinkage and “pitch forking” moldy feed off the top of the pile wastes product and profits. A proactive approach by treating the pile just after chopping (inoculant) and again after packing (topical preservation) is essential to the longevity of off-season feeding and the overall health of the animals. At BEST Agri-Marketing, we’ll assist you with both!

Untreated piles tend to have high levels of molds and mycotoxins, creating problems for the dairymen when cows consume harmful bacterias that cause unpalatability, illness, stress, loss of appetite, and ultimately a loss of production and profits. A healthy pile has a faster fermentation process with higher lactic acid/lower acetic acid levels.

bad pilemold

BEST Ag inoculant and topical treatements (topical seen below in red) are two critical approaches to pile management and preserving your crop during long-term storage.



BEST Agri-Marketing, Inc. offers natural biological silage inoculants that combine beneficial bacteria and sugar releasing enzymes. Together, these substances enhance the fermentation and preservation of the silage, keeping it as close to its natural form as possible. By creating a low pH environment, wasteful by-products such as alcohol, carbon dioxide, and acetic acid are reduced, minimizing costly dry matter loss. Our scale-side inoculant machines will apply our product as your feed is transported on to dairy.


Our proprietary blend of bacterias and acids is applied to the top layer of the pile as it is built just before covering. This top coat acts as a protective layer oxygen barrier to seal the pile and prevent “bad bugs” from creating an environment for acetic acids and bad bacteria to flourish. Our custom-built topical spray buggys drive over the piles after packing to apply this bacterial armoured layer. The results when opening the pile for feeding after fermentation are proof of profitability!

The BEST Agri-Marketing team continues season by season to diligently research, upgrade and improve our technology and equipment to provide our customers with a superior level of service to accompany our high-quality products. See our SERVICES page for details!

*Did you know? BEST Agri-Marketing services can aid you in maintaining compliance with San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Phase II Rule 4570.