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BEST Agri-Marketing, Inc. a Tulare County feed company in Traver, California is a marketer of cattle feed, calf and herd health products for the dairy industry.

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BEST Agri-Marketing, a California wholesale cattle feed dealer partners with top companies like Lira Gold/Kauffman’s, Alltech and Oleofino's.

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Located in Traver, California, BEST Agri-Marketing, Inc. is a San Joaquin Valley leader in merchandising and marketing of standard, nontraditional and new feed ingredients, micro-nutrients, direct fed microbials, supplements for dairy cattle and calves to dairy farms in central California. We offer products and brands such as Optigen, Lira Gold, HydroGold, Intregal, Lactomil Bypass Fat, Farm Pak 2x Yeast, and Anion Booster.
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Environmental Standards

BEST Agri-Marketing, Inc. provides products and specialty lines for the dairy industry include custom feed blends, herd health, calf health, and specialty products, buffers, yeast, DFMs, and bypass fat, bedding, bulk commodities, cattle bedding and non traditional feed by-products.
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BEST Agri-Marketing, Inc. is pleased to team with Kauffman's Animal Health, Inc., one of 378 U.S. and Canadian facilities that have earned the privilege to participate in the Safe Feed/Safe Food Certification Program, an exclusive, third party-certified program of the American Feed Industry Association.
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BEST Agri-Marketing, Inc. Drives with Safe, Comfortable & Environment Friendly Vehicles. Take a look at the newest additions to BEST Agri-Marketing, Inc.’s transportation fleet.
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This is the Best Ag spray buggy at work applying a topical treatment to the total surface area of a silage pile prior to covering.

The topical application consists of a proprietary blend of anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-pathogen solution that prevents advanced mold growth on the total surface area of silage piles.

Molds and mycotoxis are significantly reduced, which results in quality retention and reduced shrinkage.

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ToSoCo, LLC., an affiliate of Best Agri-Marketing, Inc., in conjunction with Nutri-DairyTech, have announced the formation of a Joint Venture Agreement that will merge the current product & service platform of Best-Agri-Marketing Inc. with the revolutionary technology and dairy herd management system, FermaStat™. Nutri-DairyTech [NDT] is a newly formed Minnesota Limited Liability Corporation. The founder, James Beck, who has a strong background in animal feed and feeding principles, has spent 5-years developing what is now a proprietary cloud based service that is comprised of unique algorithms and software that make it possible for dairies to more efficiently group, manage, & optimize diets for the cows in their herd by building individual cow production profiles known as Cow Mapping™.

"The FermaStat™ technology platform has the ability to be an incredible game changing tool for dairy producers universally for those producers willing to adopt sound technologies" stated ToSoCo, LLC and Best Agri-Marketing, Inc. President/Owner Todd Soares adding, "Starch/insulin response and sensitivities have a tremendous impact on herd health and animal production. The capturing of pertinent data and user friendly execution allow for the timely measurement of individual cows and pens for real time, accurate specifics on herd production."

Cow Mapping Technology:

NDT captures and incorporates existing dairy data sources in real-time comprised of cow stage & production detail along with the diet composition and batch specs with a robust mathematical algorithm platform. The product output is the linking of the metabolic relationship and synergy of energy intake and insulin sensitivity which identifies and scores each individual cow response to the current diet fed. This creates the opportunity to utilize grouping management to partition the herd into pens with similar diet requirements and reduces the percentage of cows that are currently in over-fed or under-fed diet conditions.

The value creation for the dairy owner from this production system called FermaStat™ impacts the dairy in the areas of

  • Improved Herd Production
  • Feed Efficiency
  • Improved Herd Health & Impact on All Production Tools
  • Unique Production Diagnostics Tool at the Herd, Pen and Individual Cow Level

Cow Grouping Software:

A second technology from NDT automatically groups similar diet response cows into their optimum diet or pen grouping and maintains this optimized grouping month to month as the pen composition changes by post-fresh entry into the lactating pens or dry-off cows that create unbalanced pens. Each dairy is individually set up for the system basis the dairy facilities and can incorporate existing grouping rules that need to be maintained. NDT has researched specific cow relationships for improving net milk from this system by “locking out” specific cows that have production sensitivity to both diet & pen changes that results in more net production gain.

Diet Energy Marker Technology:

The third technology from NDT is working with the current nutrition support team to utilize proprietary diet energy markers from which to optimize the pen diets for the post response grouping of the herd. This completes the systems goal of further promoting the NDT philosophy that cows should be fed as individuals within a group setting.