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Content for DTN services is generated in the DTN newsroom by hundreds of full-time journalists and meteorologists, plus a carefully chosen selection of the sharpest advisors in their respective markets. To ensure the accuracy and reliability of this data, we work with DTN closely as a partner/subscriber.  We then provide our customers with highly advanced analysis and integration tools, helping them make smart business decisions easier every day.

DTN and The Progressive Farmer Win Big at the American Agricultural Editors’ Association 2009 Awards

Progressive Farmer – the leading agriculture publication, which is owned by DTN – received a total of 39 awards in writing, design and photography.

Awards received by DTN and The Progressive Farmer include “Writer of the Year” presented to DTN Editor-in-Chief Urban Lehner and “Photographer of the Year” presented to Jim Patrico, The Progressive Farmer senior editor.

“These awards are another demonstration of the level of commitment our editorial team has toward providing the most comprehensive news coverage within the agriculture industry,” said Robert Gordon, DTN chief executive officer. “I am proud to be associated with the best editorial staff in the business.”