Sesame is a computer software program created by Ohio State University which provides information for dairymen to profit by “opportunity purchasing” of feed commodities. Sesame shows an in-depth look at the nutrients within a feed commodity and then reports whether the nutritional value of that feed, compared to current market price, is a good value to the dairyman. Sesame can be very beneficial to the growth and success of your dairy.

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BEST Agri-Marketing is one of a handful of companies trained and accredited with operating this program. In collaboration with The Ohio State University, we update and provide much of the local information used in their data base. We also can run different models such as Price vs. Price or Feed vs. Feed for you.

BEST Agri-Marketing is an accredited provider, trainer, and consultant for Sesamesoft.

Call us for a field demo. The program is self contained and we can demonstrate it with a laptop on the hood of your truck!